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Former head of INTERPOL Ronald Noble asks the Dallas Police Department as well as the Town of Dallas to eliminate an internet Digital Wanted Poster that will continue to falsely brand Mark Hughes because the suspected killer of 5 police in Dallas on 7 July 2016. With this video, Noble further asks that the Dallas PD start to undo the harm caused Mark Hughes and the family by using the same social websites in order to his name which it employed to wrongly accuse him for being a suspected cop killer initially.

Using social websites to get the public’s help identify somebody of curiosity or suspect regarded as of this particular cold-blooded murder of cops is understandable and can be considered good police work within a crisis when the two police and public come in danger as was the case around the 7th and 8th of July 2016. Due to the initiative of Cory Hughes, Mark’s elder brother, Mark was identified for the police and also the world in a few minutes with the Dallas Police Department’s Tweet of Mark’s photo requesting the population to assist get the man photographed with a rifle slung over his shoulder and wearing a camouflaged shirt. Now, multiple month is long gone since that crisis ended along with the Dallas Police Department determined that Mark Hughes had nothing to employ the sniper attack on police. He was just a peaceful protester exercising his 2d Amendment to bear arms. Yet, Dallas and the Dallas Police Department continue to place Mark Hughes, Cory Hughes as well as their families in peril by still broadcast a Twitter feed of a videotaped press conference of the Mayor of Dallas and the Dallas Chief of Police, through which Mark Hughes’ photo is prominently displayed and known as a suspected cop killer that happen to be taken to justice.

This constitutes a Digital Wanted Poster for Mark Hughes, that has been viewed more than 308,965 times and is still intended for viewing even now.

While serving as Secretary General of INTERPOL and Head of various US law enforcement agencies, Mr. Noble led brave and dedicated law enforcement officers inside the U.S. and round the world. In their official capacity, he's got mourned the loss of law enforcement officers under his command as a result of murders along with a terrorist attack. He believes in the U.S. Constitution and its Second Amendment to bear arms, which Mark Hughes exercised lawfully on July 7th. Mr. Noble is really a proud defender of police and (the rule of law) and strongly believes which a healthy, fair and merely police department shouldn't allow false accusations made by it against an innocent person to stay uncorrected and visual on its media channels out of the box happening in the case of Mark Hughes. It must perform right thing and #JustClearHisName.

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