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Click Here for Scholars Info

How Scholarships Work

As mentioned above in order to be granted a scholarship the applicant has to adequately address certain criteria set out by the entity offering the scholarship. This criteria will differ with each type of scholarship offered and for varying fields of study. There is not usually an application fee to apply for a scholarship. Some institutions offer a round of scholarships annually, while those offered by private organisations could announce their scholarship program at any time of the year. Some scholarships offer a portion of the overall tuition fees while others may cover the entire cost of education.

Who Is Eligible For A Scholarship?

This varies greatly depending on the subject being studied, who is offering the scholarship, what the criteria is for each scholarship and whether the applicant can sufficiently meet that criteria. Often you don't even necessarily have to be a citizen of the country you are applying for a scholarship to study in. Many governments worldwide and educational institutions offer scholarships to international students wishing to study abroad, and government grants can be great ways to enter university with a scholarship.

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